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Hi everybody, it’s the simple traveller here. Welcome to Keep it Simple Travel’s first ever blog post! I just want to give everybody a heads up that this is my first time really writing anything. So bear with me! My words might not flow. I may have loads of grammar mistakes. You may not be drawn in by my charismatic writing style, but you’re going to get our raw story and hopefully you will find some value in it.

VALUE! Now that’s a word we really like. Value creation is what we aim to base our whole community around. Now don’t get me wrong. We hope to make some cash one day from our little enterprise. However our main focus is creating value. Value in the form of information and connections for you, for us, and for whoever we can involve. Every Keep it Simple Travel team member’s job title is actually “Value Creator”, and when I say every team member I mean everyone……… so that’s me and one other, ha, we are hoping this will change much sooner rather than later.

Now together we have some ideas that may create value for some people. As we progress with these ideas we will keep you posted. Hopefully we can get some feedback from all of you about whether they will actually create value for you. We are hoping you will also share your ideas with us and maybe we can work together to bring those ideas to life.

Nordzee Dorm View, Follow us on instagram please.

Nordzee Dorm View, Follow us on instagram please.

So I’m going to give you a brief rundown of where we are at right at this moment. We are in the process of doing the finishing touches on something we call the explorer. It is a localized guide for your pocket in the form of a mobile app. Kinda like having a little person in your pocket who lives in the place you are visiting. I will go into detail in my next post about the idea. I am also working hectically to get organised for #TBEX ASIA 2016 (travel blog exchange, ultra-cool conference so the Internet tells me), it’s happening in Manila, for those who don’t know that’s in the Philippines this year.

during this preparation I was lucky enough to stumble across a little hostel called Nordzee. It is owned and run by a dutch guy called Rens. This place is super chilled and has awesome wifi, so was perfect to hit the computer for a few days. Its located in Bolhoon, on cebu island (its real close to Oslob where a dozen or so whale sharks are getting a free feed), check Nordzee out

Now i’m not really a travel blogger (don’t tell TBEX that), or i don’t see myself as one. Actually i’m not sure if i’m ever going to blog about travelling in the sense of specific experiences. I do hope to provide you with information about how to do things in other forms of media. I’m also trying to figure out this whole social media networking caper. It’s a little confusing, but I’m getting it slowly. I used a few hash tags the other day on Instagram (keepitsimpletravel) and apparently you can tweet @ people (@Travel_Simpler), I’m still working on that but ill figure it out.

So to finish with you should all keep an eye out for our upcoming blog posts. Specially one about our first value creating initiative the explorer. Oh and make sure to check out our website. We are excited to be developing some great innovations with our friends at Dotnamic ( Full disclosure we are not giving them a shout out for a discount. We are giving them a shout because we are actually friends and they do a great job.

Cheers to all you

The Simple Traveller

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