Manila airport bus and a “grab taxi”

So i thought travelers; especially independent travelers might find value in knowing that there is a manila airport shuttle available. I also want to share the readily availability of grab taxi’s at manila airport even if you don’t have the mobile app. For those of you that don’t know Grab, it is a ride sharing concept similar to uber. Uber is also available in manila but they do not have a taxi stand at the airport.

Grab Taxi

The following images are taken from Terminal 3 but stands can also be found in-front of other terminals.


Follow the grab signs


Find the grab stand

Once you find the Grab stand inform them of your hotel/hostel/desired address. They will inform you of a price. Wait for your driver. Then proceed to your destination and pay the driver once you arrive. The price can vary from 150 peso to 350 peso depending on traffic.

Airport Loop Shuttle

The Airport Shuttle is very easy to find and is located at terminal 3 on the far right. If you arrive at another terminal you will have to catch the Airport Loop shuttle Route 1 to terminal 3. This is free of charge, you do not need to tip the driver.


Pick up point at terminal 3, disregard the taxi sign.


The bus can be red or white


The bus can be red or white

Then at Terminal 3 you will catch the Airport Loop Shuttle Route 2. Route 2 includes the red and white bus (slight variation in actual route but same destination). The actual cost for the airport shuttle is 20 peso.


Inside the bus

You will be dropped at a Station located right next to the Taft Ave MRT station which connects with the EDSA LRT station.


Exit the station through this driveway


Enter Taft MRT via the stairs on the right


Catch the MRT via Taft Station if needed.


Follow the signs to the EDSA LRT station if desired

These two rail networks can connect you with the rest of the city.


Manila metro map courtesy of

However a fair warning, the trains can be packed during peak times. So like all train travel keep your valuables close.  Tickets on the MRT/LRT start from 16 peso and go up depending on stations traveled. Alternatively there are taxis and jeepney’s available. A detailed map of Jeepney routes can be found here: 

Hope you found some value, Happy and Safe travels

The Simple Traveler xx

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