A pivot towards budget travel guides and custom mobile apps.

Hey guys, sorry it’s been a long time between posts! Things have been busy. So straight to the point, the first Pivot of our journey has happened. It’s not a huge pivot but one that we hope will bring increased value to an increased number of people. We are moving away from the more hyper local hostel guides and branching out into larger area guides. Instead of servicing 1 hostel per local neighborhood guide, we will service many hostels with a Bangkok city guide. This allows us to offer more information to a greater number of travellers. Therefore creating a larger community for all of you to connect within. Bangkok will actually be our first whole city guide. We would love to hear of any hostel recommendations or something you may think will fit into our guide.


Image courtesy of Wonderful Places you tube channel.

Our actual platform is going through some changes. These changes include some exciting chat improvements, ability to book hostels, and some social media connections. We hope will enhance our user experience. We are working away with every spare moment we have now to bring you the best of Bangkok on a budget in our guide.

We will also offer a separate service to hostel and hotels in creating customized apps. Within these customized app businesses can use their own graphics and create their own content to enhance their guest experience. We plan to implement a very reasonable non-contract subscription service to businesses that wish have their own app built. As a promotion, we are offering 15 Hostels the chance to create their very own app and use for free for 1 year. Please email us for further information at [email protected] or through our contact page.


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Keep an eye out for my next blog, it’s going to be a little more travel orientated about a little trip I took to the Maldives.

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