TBEX Asia 2016 – Tips and Lessons Learnt

TBEX Asia 2016 wrapped just under 4 weeks ago in Manila and it sure wasn’t disappointing. As it was my first TBEX I didn’t know what to expect. Between the tours and parties that the Philippines tourism authority hosted, and the selection of speakers TBEX put together it was a great weekend.


  • Do the Prebex tour! The Lucky Chinatown food tour sent me into a food coma. See old manila walks for details. (http://oldmanilawalks.com/binondotour.htm), These tours are a great way to start meeting people before the conference has even began.
  • Use the TBEX promo’s! Grab Taxi offered a 100 peso discount for TBEX attendees which made the headache of Manilas traffic that little more bearable.
  • People working in the travel industry are generally a happy and outgoing lot, say hi to everybody, you never know who you will meet.
  • People love sharing business cards however this can be a little overwhelming. Have a conversation, be strategic and share afterwards.
  • Pick your presentations wisely, there are multiple speakers presenting at the same time so do your homework and pick wisely.
  • Michael Collins from Travel Media brings free doughnuts when he presents.
  • The closing party rocks. Don’t eat beforehand and get there early. Free food and free beer usually lead to free fun!

The closing party was great fun


Who knows where a night with the TBEX crew might take you

Lessons learnt

  • Video content is the future. One can just look at their Facebook feed for evidence of this, I know mine is filled with videos. With innovations like Instagram’s hyper lapse app its becoming much more accessible to create professional looking content. (http://www.theverge.com/2014/10/13/6968699/hyperlapse-is-really-good-at-stabilized-video)
  • There is a huge opportunity in the travel industry right now to guide people to an experience. While a small number of guide books such as lonely planet offer generalized information that people can spend hours looking through. Trip Advisor offers a huge number of user generated reviews that people can spend hours looking through. There is a huge space for information to be specifically produced to target different market segments. This is where travel bloggers need find the right platform to find their audience.
  • Mobile is the key technology moving forward. You just need to catch a train, or walk into a hostel to notice how humanity on a whole is overcome with the need to use our mobile phones. Content needs to be mobile friendly.

People see the world through their mobiles, so you must be able to show them your world through via the same platform

That’s what I brought home with me. I already can’t wait for my next TBEX


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